A yoga retreat for busy professionals who want to reload, enhance their professional and personal strength and enjoy a high quality retreat amongst peers

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  • An energy boost that fits your busy schedule?
  • A retreat in the company of peers who know what it is to work hard, carry responsibility and have a lot on their mind
  • All the benefits of honesty and pureness, in a luxurious environment
  • Impactful yet relaxing yoga sessions by excellent professionals
  • Insights you can use in daily professional and personal life
  • Personal attention and enough privacy to reload
  • A good weather garanty
  • Located on a comfortable two or three hour flight from your home

You found it!

Yoga for professionals is designed by Marinka Lipsius. As author, speaker & trainer on impactful leadership, experienced executive and as a yoga-practioner for years, she knows about the powerful effects of high quality breaks and of yoga techniques that will enhance professional strength and quality.

The yoga for professionals-weekend is especially designed for those with demanding jobs who need to reload, relax and also want to invest in personal and professional growth. A 2,5 hour flight from Amsterdam/London will bring you to the sunniest region in Europe, Andalucía. Casa Escudero offers you all you can wish for in terms of luxury, wellness facilities, healthy food and hospitality.