Lex Beijer is a long time IT entrepreneur who lives in the Netherlands. He and his partner like spending part of the year in this beautiful part of Spain and sharing it with friends and family too. The Casa was purchased in 2006 after visiting La Cala several times to play golf. The owner knows the area by heart and most important of all: he will share his love for the region with you in a way you will immediately fall in love with Andalucía too. Lex can be your host, cook, hiking-guide & golf buddy. He does this with enthusiasm and skills. His meals are well-known. The stories he will share with you along the way, will make your trips even more memorable.

His partner, Marinka Lipsius, is author, speaker/trainer and (organisation)coach. When writing, she absolutely loves to do it in the Casa. In the Netherlands she accompanies companies in change processes and participates in events as keynote speaker. Leadership and personal development is done both in The Netherlands (workshops and In-Company) as in Spain (boost weeks and yoga for professionals). Impact and effectiveness have her special attention. Due to many years of leadership, a background in social science & leadership studies and her work as a trustee, she developed deep insights in human behavior and team-dynamics. She combines this knowledge with a warm and direct personality. Working with her is both impactful and a pleasure.

Lex & Marinka both love the casa and its surroundings. They often fly over and spend time here. They are happy to share this beautiful casa with you!

Welcome! We hope you enjoy the casa as much as we do!

From the start, I find the casa and its surroundings enchanting. I hope you will experience the same!

Stunning sunrises are a daily treat. Just wake up early and walk to the terrace. You’ll start the day in awe.