Leadership Development 

Boostweeks for executives

Learn to lead in a powerful yet compelling way
Enhance your courage and inner strength
Learn how to convey your personal message and draw people in
Improve your skills in decision-making, personally and in complicated situations
Learn how to use your compass and set your course

Casa Escudero is proud to host impactful boost weeks for executives. The boost weeks are designed to enhance your leadership skills in a profound way. Well-known theories are uniquely combined and enriched with impactful practice. As a result, you will not only boost your knowledge but also your capacity to practice it.

They are facilitated by Marinka Lipsius. As experienced executive and successful author, speaker and trainer on impactful leadership she empowers executives to get to the next level. Well-known colleagues of hers join the program to make it even more impactful.  Add this to the enchanting location and it all merges into a very worthwhile experience.

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Company breakouts

It is also possible to create a tailor-made program for you. We are happy to facilitate you with a bespoke program for your training or company breakout. Please contact us for details.

Hosting options

  • Transportation
  • Planning (also of leisure activities)
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Facilitation of team training and strategy sessions

Please contact us to learn more about the way we can facilitate your team session, training or company break-out.

These activities are a joint venture of the owner and his partner. Lex is an experienced entrepreneur, a terrific host and runs the Casa with pride and hospitality skills you will enjoy to the fullest. Marinka is an experienced executive and a successful author, speaker and trainer on impactful leadership. Read more here.

It is an adventure to discover what more there is you can bring into the light.
Looking forward to meet you!

Welcome! It is my pleasure to be your host. Looking forward to take care of the best food, drinks and hospitality.

No dull conference rooms here. Learning & team gatherings in a stunning setting.

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Impactful leadership & the art of actually doing that, is the core of our boost weeks.